Classic & Antique Car Insurance

Classic & Antique Car Insurance

Our Insurance Is Geared Just For You!

Our Classic Car Insurance policy focuses on just your type of car. We will insure “your baby” the way you want it to be insured. Allowing you the car owner/builder, the capability to be insured and protected for what your car is worth. We agree on the value of your car. If there ever is a total loss you will receive the total insured agreed amount value of your car. What does this do automatically? It provides you with peace of mind knowing you are protected.

Why Do We Go The Extra Mile?

This is not an actual cash value policy, nor is it a stated amount policy, which over time may depreciate. Let’s agree on the value up front, this way there are no surprises for anyone, and you are guaranteed that agreed upon amount for your car. No questions.
With Antique Car Insurance from A. O. Wing Insurance, you will have a policy that combines full coverage including: comprehensive, liability and collision. So it does not matter what type of car, including exotic cars, they are protected just the way you want them to be. No matter what your passion is we will protect that perfect car you always wanted and now finally own! If your car is a classic car or muscle car we have got you covered there as well!

Extraordinary Claims Handling And Beyond!

At A. O. Wing Insurance Agency, our team is dedicated to helping you through the whole insurance process. No one wants a claim… However, should one occur, we are here to help! The adjusters understand how special your car or cars are. Your adjusters have been specially trained just for the repair of your type of car. They have put in hours and hours of specialized training just for this purpose.
Your Classic Car Insurance should allow you a chance to enjoy the road as well. The policy allows limited pleasure use and no fixed mileage limits. So, go ahead and drive that exotic, or classic car on a beautiful sunny day down to the beach, to the next car show, club event, or even to the ice cream social! Your car is here for you to enjoy.

Restoration Project?

This is it! You have found what you have been searching for. With our Antique Car Insurance you can also add coverage for your car while it is actively under restoration.

Want to know the Top 5 reasons Owners Choose Us?

  1. Our Policy: Guaranteed Value Protection with NO depreciation
  2. You get to drive your car! Wow, what a concept! Drive it on a gorgeous sunny summer day, take a drive to have an ice cream, attend club events or a car show. Our policy allows for reasonable pleasure driving with no fixed mileage.
  3. Claims. No one wants to have them, but, accidents do happen because that’s just what they are… accidents. However, when one does occur it will be handled by the A. O Wing Insurance  team. Your claim will be processed exclusively by a collector car specialist. These specialists are highly trained in classic auto repair.
  4. We strive to pay out our claims quickly. We want to have you back on the road again as soon as possible. Want to do the work yourself? No problem, we allow that as well, or, take it to your auto body shop, whatever works the best for you.Each policy is as unique as the car we insure. Own one collectible, a classic or two or even a few exotics, this policy is made to fit your needs. One or a hundred and one vehicles in your collection, does not matter, we are here for you!  Even if you are restoring a vehicle we will protect it!
  5. You will deal with people who love these cars as much as you do!

Vehicle Types

A.O. Wing Insurance Agency offers full coverage for many types of specialized vehicles. For instance:

  • Antique and Classic cars
  • Modified Cars
  • Street Rods
  • Lowriders
  • Replicas
  • Tuners
  • Military Vehicles
  • Classic Motorcycles
  • Tractors
  • Vehicles under restoration

Please, if you have a question or don’t see yours listed here, chances are we can help you as well! Just give us a call or zip over an e-mail and we will do our very best to assist you.

Does My Vehicle Qualify?

A.O. Wing Insurance Agency Classic Car Insurance program offers full coverage for many types of collector vehicles. This allows us to service and protect just about any classic or collectible car out there with really, few exceptions.  Have a passion for the exotic car type? We can protect those too! All you need to do is fill out the quote form and we will do the rest. We are able to offer low premiums because we also want the right kind of driver within our program.

Qualifications for our program include:

Usage: It is your car and we want you to drive it as well. But not every day! We also want you to have that regular use, every day driver that you drive the majority of your time while on the road.
Storage: Your collectible car needs to be and must be stored inside in a secure locked garage or structure. The following are storage facilities that qualify; a barn, your residential garage, or a secure rental storage unit. If you have a question, please ask, we are here to help!
Regular-Use Vehicles: Our love for the antique, classics and exotic’s is like yours, although you cannot drive “your baby” every day! Use your daily driver car for this. Motorcycles do not qualify as a “daily driver” nor will public transportation. Applicants who apply for our Antique, Classic and Exotic Car Insurance program must also maintain regular-use insurance in his or her own name.
Driver Eligibility: Drivers will be asked about their driving history; however serious infractions within the last 5 years such as OUI, DUI, DWI, excessive speeding, driving recklessly or an alcohol citation will affect eligibility. ALL household drivers’ history and driving records will be reviewed by one of our underwriters. Generally, one or two minor traffic violations or accidents per household are acceptable.

Vehicles That May Not Qualify

There are some vehicles we do not cover due to their limited use and style or the extraordinary risk their use may pose, including:

  • Camping, off-road or utility-type vehicles
  • Daily-use vehicles
  • Commercial-use vehicles
  • Motorcycles with performance modifications
  • Any vehicle modified with nitrous components
  • Dune Buggies

To receive a quote for classic car insurance, click on the Get Quote button below. We will get back to you right away with a competitive quote. For more information, please email info@aowingins.com today.

Classic Car Insurance

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